Coast Guard Approval

The information on this page is for EMS Safety Instructors who plan to teach the CPR/AED and Basic First Aid course for providers who need United States Coast Guard (USCG)-approved training.

Approval Info: EMSSSI-197

The USCG has approved EMS Safety’s CPR/AED and Basic First Aid for Community Rescuers course. The program is approved:

• As a component to be used to meet STCW’s Basic Safety Training requirement.
• For the original issuance of an officer endorsement (such as a captain’s license).

The USCG course approval states:

“Any applicant who has successfully completed your First Aid & CPR (EMSSSI-197) course will satisfy the Basic Safety – Elementary First Aid training requirements of Section A-VI/1 and Table A-VI/1-3 of the STCW Code and 46 CFR 11.202(b)(3); AND if presented within one year of the date of training, the First Aid and CPR training requirements of 46 CFR 11.205(e)(1)(ii) and 11.205(e)(2)(iii) for original issuance of an officer endorsement.”


Everything you need to know about teaching the USCG-approved course is in the USCG Instructions.

Before Teaching a USCG Course

Instructors need to have an alternate site-approval from EMS Safety Services. You will need to submit the following information in order to gain site-approval:

  1. Images of your teaching facility.
    1. 1 exterior photo of the entrance
    2. 2 or more photos of the classroom (must seat a minimum of 12 students and provide room for hands-on practice of skills).
    3. 1 drawing of the classroom measurements. Ensure this is set-up for training and include aisles, doors, and fire exits.
  2. The name, location, and list of Instructors teaching at this site.

Documenting USCG-Approved Training

There are two documents the provider will need to document successful course completion of USCG-approved CPR and First Aid training:

1. The EMS Safety Course Completion Card -AND-
2. The EMS Safety USCG Course Completion Certificate

There is no instance where a completion card by itself can be issued to document successful completion of a USCG-Approved course. The card must be accompanied by an EMS Safety USCG Course Completion Certificate. Course Completion Certificates are ONLY ISSUED by EMS Safety.

Processing USCG Course Completion Certificates

After the course, submit the required documents and course records to EMS Safety. EMS Safety will validate the course records and send the USCG Course Completion Certificates back to you for distribution to the students.

The required documents and course records are listed in the USCG instructions.

The fee for processing USCG Course Completion certificates is $3 per student. USCG Course completion certificates will not be processed without an existing USCG site approval or if any data is missing, incomplete or illegible.

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Yes. The only way to document the course is a USCG-approved CPR and First Aid training is with the course completion card and the USCG Course Completion Certificate. There are no exceptions.

No. The USCG requires EMS Safety to have a site approval on file and maintain course records for every USCG course. USCG Course Completion Certificates are only issued from EMS Safety to the Instructor.

No. AED training is optional. At this time the USCG only requires CPR and Basic First Aid. However, EMS Safety requires AED training when an AED is part of the ship’s response protocol.

Yes. The exam answer sheet is part of the USCG-required course documents.